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of Afghan Women Support |AWS

Our mission is to give Women in Afghanistan hope and a perspective.

We have the privilege of working with renowned educational institutions:

English Bridging Program 

In partnership with the University of Arizona, the University of Leicester and the Organisation Canadian Women for Afghan, we offer English courses.
These take place in small groups of a maximum of 6 students to ensure intensive personal contact. The courses are not only education, but also a door to accredited certificates and thus a promising future.


Medical Studies 
Afghan University of Medical Science (AUMS) 

Our partnership with Cyberpatient and Lecturio allows us to offer medical studies that are available both online and offline. This collaboration opens up opportunities for more than 500 women to become active in the medical community and help others.


Trusted by global partners 

Job opportunities for dedicated women

We offer job opportunities to women who show special commitment in the classroom. 

Craft skills and financial independence
For women with no or limited education, we offer opportunities to make traditional bags through handicrafts. These skills are not only a cultural heritage, but also generate income and promote self-esteem and self-confidence.

Our work is not only an investment in individual women, but also in the future of Afghanistan. By providing education and professional opportunities for these women, we not only enable their personal development, but also strengthen their families and communities.

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