Our English Program:
Bridging Horizons, Empowering Futures

At the heart of our mission lies our English program, a transformative initiative designed to break language barriers and open doors to a world of opportunities for Afghan girls.

Here's a glimpse into what we do:

Small Class Sizes for Personalized Learning:

Our English program features intimate classrooms with a maximum of six students per class. This intentional approach allows for personalized attention, ensuring that each student receives tailored guidance and support.

Empowering Dreams with Renowned Partners:

We are proud to collaborate with prestigious institutions like Arizona State University's English Learning Platform and the University of Leicester. Additionally, our partnership with the Canadian Women for Afghan organization allows us to offer accredited English programs. Through these alliances, our students not only receive high-quality education but also the opportunity to obtain recognized English certificates, enhancing their future prospects.

Meeting Urgent Demand:

Currently, there are 700 eager girls waiting to be enrolled in our program. These young minds are filled with dreams and aspirations, waiting for the chance to learn and grow. Your support can help us bridge the gap and provide these girls with the education they deserve.

Volunteer-Led English Classes:

Passionate volunteer teachers from Europe dedicate their time and expertise to teach high-level English to our Afghan girls. These sessions, held once a week for one hour, are not just language lessons but pathways to empowerment.

Guidance and Coaching:

Our students, showing reliability and dedication, receive personalized guidance and coaching. We nurture their potential, helping them hone their skills and confidence in the English language.

Empowering Afghan Teachers:

For those students who prove themselves as dedicated and reliable, we offer a unique opportunity. They become teachers within our association, receiving a stable monthly income. By empowering them as educators, we provide not only employment but also a sense of purpose and pride.

Daily Online Classes:

Our Afghan teachers, trained and supported by our program, extend the impact further. They conduct daily online classes, teaching lower-level English students from Afghanistan. These lessons reach far beyond the virtual classroom, shaping the educational landscape for the next generation.

Through our English program, we are not just teaching a language; we are fostering a community of empowered women who are equipped to face the world with confidence. Together, we are building bridges, breaking barriers, and creating a future where education knows no limits.

Mobile Education Pilot by KVS / Unesco

The Mobile Education pilot project aims to mitigate the educational gap for Afghan girls aged 13-18, who are restricted from attending school beyond the sixth grade, by providing comprehensive mobile-based learning in academic subjects and essential transversal competencies. This initiative seeks to empower Afghan girls, foster capacity building, and develop a scalable model to ensure that thousands can access basic and advanced education despite socio-economic and geographical constraints.  Learn more