Empowering Through Creativity:
Crafting Dreams, Creating Futures

In addition to our English program, we are proud to empower women in Afghanistan through the art of crafting. We believe that creativity knows no bounds, and through our initiative, we offer women the opportunity to create handcrafted bags and clothing infused with the rich cultural heritage of Afghanistan and the innovative touch of Western design.

Collaborating with Renowned Designers

We work closely with well-known designers from Afghanistan who generously share their expertise with other women. These talented mentors impart their knowledge, teaching the intricacies of design, stitching, and embellishment. Together, they create unique,  Afghan-inspired products infused with modern Western aesthetics.


Supporting Cultural Fusion

The products crafted through our initiative are not just fashion items; they are cultural expressions. Each piece tells a story, bridging the gap between Eastern traditions and Western innovation. By supporting our initiative, you are not just purchasing a product; you are investing in the preservation of heritage and the celebration of creativity.

Through our crafting program, we are not just stitching fabrics; we are weaving dreams, creating opportunities, and shaping a future where women stand as artisans of their destiny.

Fostering Entrepreneurship

Through this initiative, women become entrepreneurs in their own right. By crafting bags and clothing that blend traditional Afghan artistry with contemporary Western flair, they contribute to the global fashion market. Each creation is a testament to their skill, creativity, and resilience.

Stable Income from AWS

The women involved in our crafting program receive a stable income from the Afghan Women Support Association (AWS). This financial stability not only provides for their immediate needs but also instills confidence and self-reliance, empowering them to envision and pursue a brighter future.