Bags and designs

Discover our exquisite collection of handcrafted bags, skillfully created by Afghan women, empowering them with valuable job opportunities. Please consider that all of our products are handmade and can vary. 
It will soon be possible to order these beautiful bags on our website.

These bags are skillfully crafted by women in Kabul/Afghanistan,
showcasing their tailoring expertise.

History of Afghan Tailors

Afghanistan has a rich history of tailoring and textile arts. Traditional Afghan clothing and textiles often reflect the country's diverse cultural heritage, with various ethnic groups contributing their unique styles and techniques.

Afghanistan's history of textiles and tailoring dates back centuries. The country has been a crossroads of different civilizations, and this is often reflected in the clothing styles and textiles. Various regions of Afghanistan have their own traditional clothing, which includes intricate embroidery, weaving, and embellishments.

In many rural areas of Afghanistan, women have been responsible for weaving fabrics, embroidering textiles, and creating intricate patterns and designs. These skills have been passed down through generations, often within families or communities. Afghan traditional clothing, like the "khamak" and "pakol," are examples of culturally significant garments that showcase the intricate weaving and craftsmanship.

However, it's important to note that Afghanistan's history has also been marked by conflict and upheaval, which has had an impact on its textile and tailoring traditions. Despite these challenges, many Afghan artisans have continued to preserve and pass on their skills, contributing to the vibrant cultural heritage of the country.

In recent times, initiatives like Afghan Women Support, where Afghan women in Kabul are creating handcrafted bags, provide not only a source of livelihood for these women but also contribute to the revival and continuation of traditional textile and tailoring arts in Afghanistan.