Partners of Afghan Women Support

Partnership with Arizona State University

Afghan Women Support is excited to partner with Arizona State University, a leading institution known for its commitment to innovation and social impact. This collaboration enables us to leverage the university's academic expertise and resources to deliver high-quality online English courses to women in Afghanistan.


BEEKEE's Breakthrough: Solving Connectivity Challenges

Thanks to BEEKEE, the connectivity barriers in digital education are now a thing of the past. BEEKEE's approach can ensures every location be a center of learning, empowering Afghan women through accessible education.


Collaboration with Canadian Women
for Women in Afghanistan

Our collaboration with Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan strengthens our mission to empower women through education. Together, we design and implement initiatives that promote women's literacy and language proficiency, fostering independence and confidence.


Darakht-e Danesh,

the learning platform of Canadian Women for Afghan, is instrumental in our collaborative efforts. This platform offers a wide array of online resources, including English courses and secondary school materials. Through Darakht-e-Danesh, we empower Afghan women with accessible, high-quality education, enabling them to enhance their language skills and access valuable secondary education resources online.


Partnership with Bright Path Futures
(University of Leicester)

Bright Path Futures, affiliated with the University of Leicester, specializes in offering lower level English courses tailored for learners at the foundational level. Through this partnership, Afghan Women Support provides accessible and comprehensive English language education, ensuring that women at all levels have the opportunity to enhance their language skills and build a strong foundation for future learning and professional development.


Helsinki Education Consulting Group

Afghan Women Support is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Helsinki Education Consulting Group, spearheaded by the renowned educator and innovator Ilona Taimela. This collaboration focuses on revolutionizing our teacher's curriculum and elevating the educational system in Afghanistan. With Helsinki Education Consulting Group's expertise in holistic, phenomenon-based learning and sustainable educational practices, we aim to empower our teachers with cutting-edge pedagogical skills and knowledge. This partnership signifies a major step towards integrating global educational standards and practices, ensuring that Afghan women receive an education that is both modern and culturally relevant. Together, we are committed to building a future where education is a cornerstone of empowerment and progress.